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San Antonio Clinical Trials is a dedicated hub for clinical research, bringing together a team of multi-specialty doctors and family practitioners.
A clinical trial is a research study in which participants help doctors answer questions about how to treat certain health problems or how to improve current treatments.

Why participate in a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are a vital part of medical research, and volunteers like you make these advancements possible.

Contribute to medical research

Your participation can help researchers discover better treatment methods and improve healthcare outcomes.

Access to potential treatments

Clinical trials offer access to treatments that are not yet widely available.

Comprehensive care

During a clinical trial, you'll receive thorough medical attention from our experienced and dedicated team.

Your well-being is our main priority

Dedicated to clinical research participants

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Our experienced, licensed doctors are available at all times during your participation, ensuring you receive the highest level of care and support.

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Kinon C.

Geraldo R.

Berender J.

Our promise of excellence to sponsors and CROs

We are experts in the execution of Phase I-IV research studies. Our commitment is unyielding—we provide our Sponsors and CROs with the highest caliber of data, always striving to meet and exceed our enrollment goals.

In the heart of San Antonio, we stand as a beacon of progress, advancing the medical field, one clinical trial at a time.

“Our success is contributed to having a well-educated and diverse corporate team that is able to keep its finger on the pulse at all times, unlike a SMO we are a hands-on organization that knows how to achieve high enrollment while providing high quality data."

Meet your doctor and principle investigator

Dempsey Gordon, DO

Dr. Gordon is associated with a practice in San Antonio. Dr. Gordon has been providing superior medical care while conducting clinical studies for over 30 years, with no infractions on his record and the success of 70+ studies. Dr. Gordon is dedicated to advancing the world of medicine while providing better lives for his patients! 

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